Melania Offends Africans By Wearing Symbol Of Colonial Rule & Oppression ‘Who advised you?’

Obama birther conspiracy theorist Melania Trump went full insensitivity during her solo trip to Africa, after she was photographed wearing a white pith helmet while on a safari in Nairobi National Park in Kenya.

To jog your memory, the pith helmet she wore was popularized in the late 19th century and favored by British officers in Africa, to the point that it’s universally become a symbol of colonial rule and oppression for the African continent.

Kenyans spoke out against Melania’s attire, saying, “That Pith helmet you have carried was used by colonialists during the dark days. Doesn’t sit well with us Africans. Who advised you?”

“When people think of Africa, they have these standard narratives,” Kim Yi Dionne, a political science professor at University of California, Riverside told the NYT. “Her attire is a signal of her understanding of what Africa is in 2018. It’s tired and it’s old and it’s inaccurate.”

Melania then visited the pyramids and spoke to reporters in front of the Sphinx. There she defended Brett Kavanaugh and said that she thinks he’s great for the supreme court. For whatever reason, she decided to dress like a mobster on her trip to Egypt.


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