Melania Tells Nation Not to Question Her & Go Do Some ‘good’ in Response to Tennis Court Criticism

First lady Melania Trump got really upset this Saturday morning after she was criticized for what she was doing at the White House Friday. First let’s take a look at what she was attacked over and then see her clearly non proportionate response.

She herself shared and revealed the “progress” of a tennis court that is currently being built at the White House. Melania must have thought she needed to take credit for this because she is featured in the photos wearing a hardhat and looking at design blueprints. It’s unclear why this is even being built because Donald isn’t going to be using it and neither is she.

They are indeed ridiculous photos, but perhaps not enough to attack her over alone. What really caused people to attack over these photos is that she decided this was important as the nation is facing the growing Coronavirus spread and increasing death count. Tennis courts might be the least important thing imaginable right now.

Whether Melania deserved criticism over these photos is more a matter of personal opinion, but her response to the criticism is going to draw even more and definitely justified attacks. Melania Trump has no business telling the nation what we should be doing because she stands by while her husband does terrible things like making up stories about kid’s families being killed in tornadoes.

“I encourage everyone who chooses to be negative & question my work at the @WhiteHouse to take time and contribute something good & productive in their own communities. #BeBest” Melania posted Saturday morning. Oh hell no!

Melania is literally saying that you should not dare to “question” what she does, even if it’s as ridiculous as pretending to be able to understand blueprints and schematics. Also what “good” and “productive” thing for the “community” does a private tennis court as the White House serve? Again, maybe she did not deserve too much criticism over the photos, but her response certainly does.


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