Melania Trump Finally Admits That She Thinks Online Bullying Is Okay, ‘sometimes’

First lady Melania Trump argued today that sometimes it’s fine to partake in online bullying as long as it’s done under certain exceptions. The online bullying by her husband Donald and her subsequent silence in condemning his violence have undercut her “Be Best campaign” that focuses on preventing cyberbullying.

Now that we know how she really feels, we can see why her campaign isn’t getting anything done. “Sometimes you need to fight back, I’m sorry,” Melania Trump said today, while answering questions during an event at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., that focused on the opioid epidemic.

Melania was asked by Eric Bolling about where she was in her personal life in carrying out one of the pillars of her “Be Best campaign,” which is social media and bullying. Melania said that Barron, “doesn’t have a social media yet, he is not interested in it. He’s all into sports. I teach him to be responsible and treat people with respect and kindness,’ but then made it clear that she thinks that, “Sometimes you need to fight back, I’m sorry.” You can see it all in the footage below.

Normally a mother saying this about what she teachers her son would be fine, but Melania’s husband is Donald. So we know what she means by “fight back,” which is the bullying that Donald Trump engages in. Donald Trump’s idea of fighting back is preemptively attacking people and bullying them with insults and lies. At least now we know exactly where Melania stands on bullying.


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