Melania Trump Reveals Hardest Part Of Being In The White House & Ducks 2nd Term Q

Melania Trump gave an interview?with Sean Hannity?aboard the USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier late Wednesday, in which she talked about the possibility of a second term in the White House and also her least favorite part of being in the White House.

?This is temporary. You see it as temporary. Would you want to stay for a second term?? Hannity asked Melania, to which she replied, ?I think my husband is doing an incredible job. The country does best ever. So yes, I think I want the country to continue to do well.? Interesting that she did not directly say yes to wanting to be in the White House for a second term. She completely avoided Hannity’s question here.

That answer wasn’t crazy, but her next one was. Hannity then asked what the “hardest thing you’ve had to deal with” since becoming First Lady is, to which she answered, “I would say the opportunists,?who are using my name or my family name to advance themselves, from comedians, to journalists, to performers, book writers.” Hannity asked if this “opportunism” hurts her, to which she said no, but that?”the problem is they writing the history and it’s not correct.”

You can see her comments in the footage below, along with her new hairstyle. She will now more fully match Donald’s orange and it should be fairly entertaining to see them together next time they make a joint appearance.

Let’s get this straight. A woman who married a man more than two decades older than her because he was “rich” is complaining about opportunists. Isn’t being a gold digger essentially one of the most classic examples of opportunism there is? Rather than building her own fame, Melania just attached herself to Donald and gained fame instantly through marriage, which is opportunism.

Make no mistake, Melania Trump loves the spotlight, she just doesn’t like the scrutiny that comes with being in the White House. She is being completely hypocritical here because she is a textbook case of opportunism. She also failed to explain what the “comedians, to journalists, to performers, book writers,” are all getting wrong. Are they opportunists? Or are they simply choosing to speak out because they feel it is their duty?


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