Melania Trump Spends 1000s Decorating White House For Christmas Amid Tree Shortage

The 2008 financial recession forced farmers to do anything they could to stay in business, which unfortunately included reducing the number of trees they planted. Many Christmas Trees, such as the highly popular Fraser Fir, take about 7 to 10 years to grow, so we are now experiencing a shortage that is driving prices up and making it hard for folks to get a tree this year.

The average price of a tree this year is about $76, which is more than twice as much as it was in 2008, and maybe its in part because Melania Trump is buying up all the trees. Late last night the White House and Melania Trump revealed her Christmas decorations selected all by her with the theme ?The Spirit of America.?

Melania’s hand picked decorations for the White House include 58 Christmas trees, more than 15,000 bows and more than 2,500 strands of lights. With the average tree price at $76, that means Melania spent at least $4,400 on the trees alone. All in all, it would be amazing if she spent anything less than $15,000 on this. She announced and showed them off in the social media post below.

Based off captures from the footage Melania posted, it don’t look like these are your “average” tree at $76. What are the odds Melania chose average priced trees for the White House? I’ve never even seen the smaller ones with their lighter colored leaves ever in my life, have you?

At a time when the average American family actually has to pause and make a financial decision about whether they want a tree, seeing Melania buy up 58 trees just for their temporary residence is out of touch. When you actually stop and think about what Melania has done here, it is the perfect representation of privilege and wealth inequality in this country.

A normal American would have a hard time justifying spending money on 5 trees, even if it wasn’t their own money, but 58!? Melania is so used to privilege and wealth that buying up 58 trees for one house did not set off any alarms in her brain.

?When I travel the country, I am inspired by the hard working people and families that I meet,? Melania said in a statement. ?No matter which state they call home, many Americans share a strong set of values and deep appreciation for the traditions and history of our great nation. Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers who worked to make sure the People?s House was ready for Christmas. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.?

This statement proves she in trapped in a privilege bubble. How did hard working people inspire her to spend up their tax dollars on 58 expensive Christmas trees? How could she think that hard working Americans would want their money spent in this manner? Simple. She is too privileged to understand.


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