Mike Pence Forced to Respond After GOP Senators Reveal Truth About Trump’s Briefing on Iran

The Trump administration’s briefing on the “intelligence” and reasons behind Donald Trump giving the order to take out Iran’s top military general was so bad yesterday, that even multiple GOP Senators came out of the briefing and immediately announced support for Democrats’ war powers resolution to limit Trump’s ability to start a war with Iran.

These are devastating optics because members of both parties are saying that the briefing provided no intelligence justifying the strike and instead they were threatened not to critique the Trump admin’s actions. Mike Pence continued with this on Faux News this morning, where he responded to the GOP Senators who revealed the truth of how bad the briefing was.

Pence was directly asked about GOP Senator Mike Lee saying that he found the briefing “insulting and demeaning” and calling it, “probably the worst briefing, at least on a military issue, I’ve seen in nine years I’ve been here.”

Faux news asked Pence, “Why not in a classified setting, can our briefers from this administration share what it was, this threat that you talk about, in a classified setting?” Pence answered and said, “Some of that has to do with what’s called sources and methods. If we would share all the evidence…it could compromise those sources and methods. I can assure your viewers…that President Trump made the right decision.” So Pence is literally saying, you have to just trust us because we can’t give you all the evidence. Wow. You can see his response in the footage below.

GOP Senator Lee’s response after the briefing was so bad last night, that Faux News had to cut away from him speaking because they knew their audience would not be able to handle the truth. “We’ll continue to monitor this,” one of Fox News hosts said while they cut off GOP Lee’s voice. You can see it all in the footage below.


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