Mike Pence Surprisingly Admits Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Behavior and Response ‘irresponsible’

It looks like Mike Pence is doing everything he can to confirm the rumors that Donald Trump will replace him with Nikki Halley as his pick for Vice President, because he just threw Trump under the bus this morning. Not like it matters much anyway because Trump will not be getting re-elected this year.

Pence did an interview this morning with the ?TODAY? show, where host Savannah Guthrie asked Pence to address Trump’s own comments about Coronavirus, such as Monday when Trump said that the ?fake news media and their partner, the Democrat Party, is doing everything to inflame the coronavirus situation.?

Guthrie asked Pence to send a message to,?”people who think this is hysteria and media hype. For people who aren’t afraid of coronavirus and think it’s just politics and hype.” Pence’s response directly threw Trump under the bus and he admitted Trump’s comments have been ?irresponsible rhetoric.?

“Well. Obviously there’s been some irresponsible rhetoric, but the American people should know that President Trump has no higher priority than the health and safety and well-being of the people of this country. You can go to coronavirus.gov…? What a sad state our country is in. The vice president is admitting that Trump is literally “irresponsible” but that at least he has his heart in it and it’s his top priority. God help us all.

Pence’s comments come towards the end of the footage below, about seven and a half minutes in. Like we said, apparently Pence doesn’t care about being Trump’s pick for VP again this year. At least he told the truth that Trump has indeed been ?irresponsible.”


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