Mike Pence Waits For Applause For Trump During Speech Overseas In Europe With Pelosi

Mike Pence is currently overseas with Democratic House Majority Speaker?Nancy Pelosi?and other U.S. officials as part of a?bipartisan delegation representing the United States at the?annual Munich Security Conference in Germany. Pence must live in the same bubble Donald Trump does, because for some reason he expected to get a round of applause after mentioning Trump at the conference, but was met with laughable silence instead.

Pence gave a speech at?an award ceremony?for the first recipients of a scholarship commemorating the late Senator John McCain, who attended the conference numerous times.??I bring greetings from the 45th president of the United States of America, Donald Trump,? Pence said during his speech, pausing to wait for applause for Trump.

But the applause never came and he was instead met with a very awkward silence. Pence then puckered his lips once he realized that no one was going to be applauding Trump, as seen in the footage below.

Pence must be a psycho for expecting Trump to get any applause because during this same speech, Pence trashed NATO, saying the United States’ most important European allies,?”still need to do more.” Pence lectured our NATO allies, instead of focusing on the point of the award ceremony, “The United States expects every NATO member to put in place a credible plan to meet the 2 percent threshold. And, by 2024, we expect all our allies to invest 20 percent of defense spending on procurement.”?You can bet that Speaker Pelosi enjoyed watching Pence go down in flames during this speech, since she was in attendance.


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