Mueller’s Investigators Now Questioning Trump Campaign Official Specifically About Trump

Special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of investigators are now looking to determine how much President Trump knew about his campaign team’s contacts with Russian officials and representatives during the 2016 presidential campaign and during the presidential transition.

It has been confirmed yesterday by “two sources familiar with the investigation” that Mueller’s team has questioned the co-chairman of Trump’s campaign, Sam Clovis. Clovis has been asked what candidate and president Trump knew about the numerous instances of Russian contact with both the Trump campaign and the Trump administration.

“The ultimate question Mueller is after is whether candidate Trump and then President-elect Trump knew of the discussions going on with Russia, and who approved or even directed them,” one source said.

Clovis still serves in the Trump administration as senior White House adviser to the Agriculture Department and has already testified before the grand jury for Mueller’s probe. His testimony is linked to George Papadopoulos but it seems like he is connected to more indictments that are still to come. Mueller’s first indictments are said to be a “small” part of a much larger investigation.

When you patch this together, you see that Clovis certainly assisted the FBI in securing a guilty plea from Papadopoulos because Clovis knew about the Russian related conversations that Papadopoulos lied about, as he was involved with them. Now that we know Mueller’s team is asking Clovis specifically about president Trump, it can be reasonably predicted that the investigation has reason to believe that Trump knew about all these interactions with the Russians, even though he claims he has no connections.


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