Nancy Pelosi Forced To Be President & Lead Delegation To UN Summit Instead of Trump

House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be leading a Congressional Delegation to Spain for the 2019 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, known in short hand as COP25. Perhaps she is starting to get some practice as the real possibility of her becoming “President Pelosi” is on the horizon?

Pelosi announced that she will lead a delegation to the climate change summit today, which will occur between December 2rd through the 13th. Pelosi is forced to lead this delegation because Donald Trump is derelict in his duty to protect the United States from existential threats, which in this case is of course climate change. There was nothing stopping Trump from attending this summit and if he had chosen to go, he would have been able to lead the delegation.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, Pelosi’s delegation will only be made up of Democrats because no Republicans want to go. They instead want to join Trump in being in dereliction of their duty to the American people. But no matter, we are absolutely better off having class act Speaker Pelosi attend the summit in Trump’s place.

?It is a privilege to accompany a high-level Congressional delegation to Spain to combat the existential threat of our time: the climate crisis,? said Speaker Pelosi in her announcement this Saturday morning..? ?On behalf of the United States Congress, I extend my gratitude to the Spanish government for hosting this critical meeting, and for elevating the priority of the climate crisis to the forefront of the international conversation.?

?Taking action to protect our planet is a public health decision for clean air and clean water?for our children, an economic decision for creating the green, good-paying jobs of the future, a national security decision to address resource competition and climate migration and also a moral decision to be good stewards of God?s creation and pass a sustainable, healthy planet to the next generation,? Speaker Pelosi continued.??On behalf of the U.S. Congress, I am proud to travel to COP25 to reaffirm the commitment of the American people to combating the climate crisis.?

This is an incredibly important summit, as during the 2016 COP25 summit that was held in Paris, France, every nation agreed to sign an agreement to lower greenhouse gas emissions. We call this agreement the Paris Climate Agreement, the one Trump announced he would withdraw from shortly after taking office. Pelosi attending this summit, despite the fact that Trump is against the agreement, is certainly an act of defiance by showing the world that Democrats do not agree with Trump pulling out of the Paris agreement and that there are people in America who still agree with it.


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