National Archives Caught Re-writing History in Trump’s Favor with Women?s March Records

The National Archives is supposed to be an independent agency of the US government, whose job it is to preserve and document government and historical records, but they were just caught excluding critical parts of history from a new exhibit of the 2017 Women?s March.

As you may remember, many of the women who took to the streets during the Women’s March, which took place just the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, held up signs that protested him. They read things like ?God Hates Trump,? and ?Trump & GOP ? Hands Off Women.?

Trump’s horrible “locker room” talk comments that were revealed during the 2016 election were highly relevant at the Women’s March, as well as the numerous credible accusations of misconduct that have been made against Trump regarding women.

Despite all of this, the National Archives modified an image for their Women?s March exhibit to hide the signs that were against Trump. They explained the decision to hide criticism of Trump by saying, ?As a non-partisan, non-political federal agency, we blurred references to the President?s name on some posters, so as not to engage in current political controversy.”

This is evidence that either the people running the Archives are hilariously stupid or they were ordered to do this by Donald Trump and/or people inside the Trump admin. The non-bias choice is to of course not modify images that captured the historically relevant push back against everything related to Donald Trump.

Which seems more likely, these people not realizing they were doing the exact opposite of what their mission statement is? Or that they were threatened in some way by the Trump admin to censor the photos? Not to mention, but how many people are not aware of the daily controversies surround Trump? Who are these people out there that the archive feels can’t handle seeing some posters criticizing Trump?

By removing the criticism of Donald Trump from the exhibit, they are hiding the massive and historical movement against him. This is a literal rewriting of the history books and is unacceptable from an agency whose sole mission is to prepare and safeguard historical records.

Rice University historian Douglas Brinkley said to this travesty, “There’s no reason for the National Archives to ever digitally alter a historic photograph. If they don’t want to use a specific image, then don’t use it. But to confuse the public is reprehensible. The head of the Archives has to very quickly fix this damage. A lot of history is messy, and there’s zero reason why the Archives can’t be upfront about a photo from a women’s march.”

Just like in the image below, the Trump administration is re-writing history just like tyrannical governments of the past have. What else are they hiding from us?


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