Nevada GOP Party Leader Calls For McCain’s Death While He’s Home Recovering From Surgery

The national committeewoman for the Republican Party of Nevada, today called for the death of Senator John McCain, who is at home recovering in Arizona after an emergency surgery to remove a blood clot, that was discovered above his left eye. Diana Orrock posted to social media with the praise of “amen” that she wants McCain to, “Please Just F**king Die Already.”

This banshee is a prime example of how the GOP really feels on the inside. In the past, Orrock defended Trump’s Billy Bush tapes with extreme vigor, so it’s no wonder she would wish death upon an 80 year old recovering from surgery. The surgery was precarious as well, and McCain is not out of the woods yet. “It’s a significant operation,” his Doctor said of the surgery, “there was obviously an abnormality that was concerning enough for him to go through this.”

What more can even be said about this? She needs to be stripped of any political positions she has. There is absolutely no acceptable reason for this behavior. If the GOP does not disavow this horrible person, that tells you all you need to know about how truly crazy they are.


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