New Charges & Arrests Imminent For Former Trump Administration Officials From Mueller’s Russia Probe

Numerous sources (#1, #2) are reporting that special counsel Robert Mueller has finally obtained enough evidence to order the arrest/surrender of Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and his son.

This will be a bombshell arrest as it would be the first Trump administration official to be arrested by Mueller’s probe and will bring the investigation fully into the White House. Flynn’s son, Michael G. Flynn, worked with his dad on Trump’s campaign and was part of Trump’s transition team, so his arrest will be yet another Trump campaign operative falling prey to Mueller’s probe.

Flynn’s son fell under Mueller’s investigation at some point and will likely be indicted at the same time as his dad but it could be at another point in time, according to, “multiple sources familiar with the investigation.”

Mueller and his team have planned to speak with witnesses this week to acquire more information about Flynn’s past lobbying work and whether he laundered money and lied to federal investigators. They are also looking into some of his shady dealings with Turkish President Recep Erdogan, that may have involved large illegal bribes to help Erdogan extradite his enemies that are here in the U.S.

“Multiple sources familiar with the investigation” also claim that Mueller is planning to offer Flynn a cooperation deal to save his son from major charges, though they did not specify what the cooperation would entail. Keep in mind that Flynn left the Trump administration in major part due to lying about his past contacts with Russian officials.

This report further entrenches my belief that President Trump is more likely to be indicted and impeached for financial crimes, because the charges that Mueller may bring against Flynn are related to financial activity and not collusion specifically. Collusion can be difficult to prove as it is generally based off a theory of wrongdoing that must be supported by evidence.

Financial crimes are easier as the intent and wrongdoing lies within the evidence itself. The paper trail as they call it, is all you need to prove the crime, rather than meetings, emails, and somewhat vague actions that you have in a collusion case. Either way, it doesn’t look good for President Trump.


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