New Evidence Shows Jeff Sessions Will Be Next To Get Indicted By Mueller For Perjury Charges

A new source revealed today that Attorney General Jeff Sessions apparently “refused” Trump campaign aide George Papadapoulos’ push during the 2016 campaign to arrange a meeting between candidate Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin using his “Russian contacts.”

Even if it was true that Sessions denied Papadapoulos’ idea to meet with the Russians, he is in trouble because he told Congress under oath in June that he had “no knowledge” of any conversations with anyone operating with or around Trump campaign about “any type of interference with any campaign” by the Russians. The perjury is clear as day based on this new information combined with the clip below.

“The March 31 comments by this Papadopoulos person did not leave a lasting impression,” according to the source, “As far as Sessions seemed to be concerned, when he shut down this idea of Papadopoulos engaging with Russia, that was the end of it and he moved the meeting along to other issues.”

This is not enough evidence on its own to indict Sessions, as these are just the words of someone “familiar” with Sessions’ thoughts. But if we are finally getting this information publicly, imagine what Mueller knows. There is also circumstantial evidence based on Mueller’s recent movements, that even more shocking indictments are to come.

Combine this source providing evidence that Sessions lied under oath with the fact that Papadapoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in an effort to reduce his punishment, and it is reasonably foreseeable that Papadapoulos may confirm what this source said about Sessions. After all, look at who Papadapoulos was looking right at during his meeting with Trump and top foreign policy advisers; Sessions.

At Sessions’ Senate judiciary hearing on October 18th, Senator Lindsay Graham asked him, “Did you ever overhear a conversation between you and anybody on the campaign who talked about meeting with the Russians?” Sessions replied, “I have not seen anything that would indicate collusion with Russians to impact the campaign.”

We all remember how sketchy Sessions looked during his interview, evidenced by the clip above. He had all the tells of someone who was lying through their teeth, and now this source has essentially confirmed what was obvious to many.


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