New Leak Reveals Great News, President Trump Is Being Babysat & Has Limited Power

According to an interesting new leak, our nation’s top military officials conspired together at the beginning of the Trump administration, to essentially babysit President Trump because there was, and still is, a high degree of worry over orders coming from the White House.

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and now former Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, came to an agreement at the start of Trump’s presidency, to constantly work together to make sure that at least one of them would always be in the United States. The purpose of this, was to ensure that at least one of them would always be on hand to monitor orders issued by President Trump.

An anonymous official close to Mattis and Kelly, leaked this information to the press. This leak clearly reveals the high level of distrust and dysfunction within the Trump administration. Those tasked with keeping our country safe, at the highest levels, do not think Trump is fit to be President.

This is looking more like Watergate every day, as if you remember, Former United States Secretary of State Kissinger instructed his generals not to carry out orders from Nixon (who was then drinking and roaming the White House at night) unless they talked to him first. This paid off too, as in 1969, a drunk Nixon ordered a nuclear attack on North Korea and Kissinger was able to countermand the order until Nixon slept it off.

This leak seems quite genuine as Mattis and Kelly have been providing clarification and review  on Trump’s executive orders since January. Trump may have caught onto their strategy too, which is why last week we learned that Mattis only had one day’s notice of Trump’s ban on transgender persons serving in the military.

How much more evidence do Trump supporters need? People that have served their country for decades and have saluted four different commanders-in-Chief, are so worried about this one, that they set up a secret way to head off any truly insane or dangerous thing Trump might do. This is not normal. At least it is good to know that if Trump were to try and launch something like a nuclear strike, there are adults who would put a stop to it.


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