New York Woman Goes On Shockingly Bigoted Tantrum Against Muslim On Bus

It is getting disturbing to see the outright racism growing in this country on a daily basis. A woman in New York was filmed early Wednesday morning treating another woman wearing a headscarf horribly.

The aggressive woman said “ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] is here for you,” and taunted a brave citizen who made sure to get this hate crime on film. “Hi, I’m Ashley if you’re taping me,” the woman says to the person taking the video. “I’m getting into a fight with some Muslim chick because she has an attitude because she thinks she has rights that she doesn’t have.”

An Illinois man was arrested on Tuesday for harassing a woman wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt, saying she “should not be wearing that in the United States of America,” and just last week we saw several stories of white people calling law enforcement on black Americans doing completely normal things.

America has always been and will always be a little bit crazy as we enjoy our freedom of speech, but lately things have been getting out of hand. Our leaders are setting a poor example and so people are acting out.


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