NY Gov. Cuomo Responds to Trump’s AM Attack & Shows Why Trump Shouldn’t Be in Office

Hopefully we can see an end to the fighting between Donald Trump and our nation’s governors as the Coronavirus crisis continues to escalate by the hour. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was attacked again this morning by Trump, but it looks like he is going to try and take the high road so he can focus on his state.

The latest news out of New York is that an eye popping 1,700 people now have Coronavirus and over 300 New Yorkers are now in the hospital because of it. There will be an ongoing increase in deaths around the country for sure. This is why it was so terrible for Trump to attack Cuomo this morning.

“This is an extraordinary time in our history and we need to see government & people perform at their best. We’re not Democrats or Republicans?at the end of the day, we’re all Americans. This is a test of our character. New York will meet it,” Governor Cuomo said.

Governor Cuomo is showing us how a true leader should act during a crisis. This is in fact a test of our character and Trump is showing the world what many of us have known for years now, which is that he lacks the character required to be in charge of anything.

Trump lied at a White House press conference today and said, “I think the state’s have done well. We’re all working together.” We know this is a lie because he attacked two Governors this morning and told them that the aren’t doing a good job. That is the opposite of thinking that the states have done well or that he is working with their governors.


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