O. Cortez Counters Trump’s Border Rally By Showing Up Outside His Window At White House

New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was attacked by Donald Trump last night during his border wall?rally?in El Paso Texas, where he mocked her incredibly popular Green New Deal vision for the future by saying it,??sounds like a high school term paper that got a low mark.?

Representative Ocasio-Cortez responded last night to Trump’s attacks by calling out the fact that he has trouble reading. She cited the reports we’ve all seen that Trump refuses to read and the fact that things have to be explained to him using pictures. Her response was great,?but today she did something even better; she showed up right at his doorstep.

Representative Cortez held a pro-immigration rally right outside the White House, where she called for permanent residence for people in the U.S. with temporary protected status (TPS). She managed to rally what many are reporting as hundreds of people in front of the White House, despite pouring rain. ?We are here to make sure that all TPS recipients become permanent members of the United States of America,? Ocasio-Cortez said. The footage and image below show the scene from today.

This rally is important because as Trump manufactures a fake crisis at the border, he has essentially ended TPS and has terminated protections for more than 300,000 affected residents. More of Ocasio’s protest can be seen in the longer footage below.


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