Obama Administration Adviser Responds to Trump’s Lies During His Announcement on Iran

Iran launched a strike last night on our bases in Iraq and Donald Trump was forced to go in front of the nation today and eat it. He completely backed himself into a corner after he gave the order to take out Iran’s top general, because he discovered after that even his own voter base doesn’t want war with Iran.

Trump looked like he didn’t want to be giving the announcement he gave today on his response to Iran’s strike, which is probably why he threw in some fake attacks on Former President Obama. National security adviser under Obama, Susan Rice, has spoken out in response, likely on behalf of everyone who worked under the Obama administration, and called out Trump’s lies.

Rice responded to lies Trump told today, which was when he claimed that former President Obama gave Iran money during his administration and that Iran became more dangerous after the Iran Nuclear Deal. ?Iran?s hostilities substantially increased after the foolish Iran nuclear deal was signed in 2013,? Trump said. Both these claims are lies, never mind the fact that the deal was actually signed in 2015. Susan Rice’s response tears down these lies.

?This is another series of despicable lies by President Trump,? Rice said on MSNBC. ?The fact that three years after taking office he remains obsessed with President Obama just shows President Trump?s extreme weakness and insecurity.?

?The facts about the Iran nuclear deal are that it effectively halted and rolled back Iran?s nuclear program. In the years since the signing of the deal in 2015 up until President Trump?s unilateral withdrawal, abandoning our allies against the advice of his advisers, there were no proxy attacks by Iranian proxies on U.S. personnel in Iraq. There were no efforts by Iran to attack our drones in the Persian Gulf or attack shipping,? she continued.

?Everybody, including the American intelligence community, validated that it was being upheld and our forces and our presence in the region was secure. President Trump decided, recklessly, to withdraw unilaterally from the nuclear deal and impose so-called maximum pressure, crippling sanctions, and it was in the wake of that that we found ourselves in this escalatory cycle that?s led to where we are today, a very dangerous moment.? You can see all her comments in the footage below.


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