Pelosi’s Daughter Counters Trump’s Rocky Poster By Knocking Him Out With An Even Better One

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine Pelosi amplified a hilariously created counter to Donald Trump’s ridiculous Rocky poster Saturday night and you just have to see it.

The poster shared by Christine features her mother’s head on the body of Rocky Balbao while he’s throwing a punch at Donald Trump, whose head was added to the body of Ivan Drago, the Russian villain from Rocky IV.? Do note that Trump also has a tattoo of Putin on his chest, which warrants a chef’s kiss.

We don’t usually make a big deal out of these photoshopped images, but after the White House claimed there was no evidence that Donald Trump’s poster was modified, the rules changed. A couple days ago, The Washington Post simply reported that Trump posted the “doctored” poster, to which Trump’s campaign responded and said “Washington Post claims – without evidence – that @realDonaldTrump shared a ‘doctored’ photo.”

Funny enough, they say art imitates reality and although crude, this image of Trump getting knocked out is indeed a form of art. Perhaps as user Amy Ryan points out below, this poster imitates the reality that Speaker Pelosi does this to Trump in real life too.


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