President Trump Aggressively Touches & Talks About French First Lady’s Body

President Trump took a strong and awkward liking to French First Lady Brigitte Macron, French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife, while on his current visit to Paris. So much so, that he aggressively touched her when greeting her, and then complimented her about her body in a disgustingly awkward way.

As President Trump was being greeted by the Macrons in France, Trump grabbed Brigitte Macron with both hands and pulled her into him, so he could kiss her. He then shook her hand and pulled on it strongly, using his universally hated “hand pull” technique.

Brigitte Macron clearly didn’t want to be pulled into Trump and was resisting, as her hands were clearly seen outstretched and on his biceps, a defensive move. Meanwhile Trump’s hands were on the back of her biceps, pulling her in. You can see this all in the clip and the screenshot below.

After a tour of museums in Paris, President Trump and President Macron prepared to leave their wives for an event. Trump then started giving the French First Lady unwanted and aggressive compliments about her body. “You’re in such great shape,” Trump told her, while looking her up and down. He then turned to President Macron and said “Beautiful”, before looking back at Brigitte. You can see this all in the clip below.



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