President Trump Announces Terrible News For New York City & All American Taxpayers Next Week

President Trump announced an unexpected stop this morning on his long 17 day summer golf vacation; New York City (presumably). “Going to New York next week for more meetings,” said Trump in a post to social media. This one visit alone is going to cost taxpayers millions of dollars in security costs, as visiting New York is much more of a security challenge than Mar-A-Lago.

It seems likely that this will be his first return to Trump Tower since his inauguration. For that reason alone, there will certainly be mass disruption in New York City sometime next week when he visits. Funny enough, this could be great news for us, as Trump Tower was Trump’s favorite spot before he became President, so perhaps it will remind him of his old life enough to make him resign. Probably not, but we can dream right?

Best believe there are protests and counter protests being planned this very moment. If you are in the area and can avoid it, you should really do so. I support protesting, but I also support people being safe. As a native New Yorker, I can tell you from experience that New York City isn’t the ideal location for mass protesting. It’s a very safe city overall, but it is already over crowded as is, and the NYPD is essentially a standing army, so just keep that in mind if you want to take to the streets.

Also recall that the Secret Service has officially abandoned its command post underneath President Trump’s apartment in Trump Tower, due to a lease dispute for the space. The Secret Service command post has been relocated to a trailer on the sidewalk outside, leaving the Secret Service’s ability to protect the Trump family weakened.

A spokeswoman for the Trump Organization said that the Secret Service needs to look somewhere else to establish their command post, “After much consideration, it was mutually determined that it would be more cost effective and logistically practical for the Secret Service to lease space elsewhere.”

This will be Trump’s first visit since the Secret Service relocated, at a time when he has reached his lowest levels of popularity. If you are anywhere in the area, prepare yourself and those around you accordingly, for the massive level of disruption coming next week.


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