President Trump Caught Lying About Not Being On Vacation Almost Instantly By Resort Guests

President Trump had an anonymous White House official issue a brief to reporters about his plans for the day yesterday, as well as the rest of what Trump has claimed is “not a vacation.” The official refused to confirm whether Trump would be golfing, to help maintain the illusion that Trump’s trip is not a vacation.

Another Trump lie

“The President will be having meetings with Chief of Staff General Kelly, other White House advisers and lawmakers while at Bedminster over next two weeks,” the official said. Obviously this is a 17 day vacation for Trump, otherwise why would he be gone so long at his golf resort. But what is ridiculous, is that Trump was caught lying about not being on vacation almost instantly last night.

Almost immediately after the Trump team refused to say he would be golfing, and that this trip is “not a vacation”, Trump was caught playing golf by guests at his resort. The footage and images of him golfing were even sent to Sports Illustrated, as seen below.

Trump and team are lying about him being on vacation because of Trump’s own past statements attacking Obama for vacationing. Once again, the root cause of Trump’s lies are his jealously of Obama.


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