President Trump Gets Cold Welcome At U.S. Women’s Open At His Own Golf Club

President Trump has arrived at his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, after a two day visit to Paris, shared with French President Emmanuel Macron for France’s Bastille Day celebrations. Trump made a short appearance at the U.S. Women’s Open being hosted at his golf club, but few people seemed excited to see him. (Video Below)

President Trump waved to tournament attendees from a glass observation room that he was in, due to the rainy weather currently impacting the Northeast. In the reflection of the glass, you can see only one attendee wave back, while the rest just stare at Trump. They were definitely aware of Trump too, as the photo below shows them looking at the observation room Trump was in. Trump gave up on waving pretty quickly, after realizing no one was excited to see him.

You would think these people would probably be more likely to be Trump supporters, because you know, they chose to visit and spend money at a Trump property. There may have been other people who waved, who were not caught on film, but there clearly is no excitement that Trump is present at this event.

You can see the clip of Trump waving below. In this clip, you can clearly see Trump wave after someone else waves at him. So everyone else could see him, but weren’t even interested enough to wave. Also note, that nearly all the people standing around Trump’s observation room, are clearly reporters.


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