President Trump Is Laying Back & Allowing Putin To Fill The U.S. With His Spies

A senior U.S. official has spoken to the media on condition of anonymity, about the specifics of how Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking advantage of the United States under President Trump. Putin is flooding all levels of the U.S. government with record levels of spies, while further entrenching and expanding Russian intelligence operations across the nation.

While our lazy President relaxes on his golf vacation, the Russians are hard at work. “There are more Russian operatives, declared and undeclared, in the United States now than at any other time in the past fifteen years,” the official said, “They’re here in large numbers, actively trying to penetrate a whole host of sectors—government, industry, and academia.”

Steve Hall, a former CIA station chief in Moscow, was asked about this anonymous official’s claims, which he corroborated and offered further worrying information on. Hall implied that the number of Russian spies in the U.S. are at record levels, even dating back to the Cold War.

This comes at no surprise, considering we’ve never had a President that is so soft against the Russians, while also being so against our intelligence agencies. “It’s consistent to say that the resources and times and effort that it takes to run successful operations inside of Russia has not changed since Cold War times,” Hall said.

Trump has not stopped calling special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe a “hoax”, “fake news”, and a “witch hunt” despite confirmed contacts between his top advisers and Russian officials. The damage Trump is doing to this country is very real and very serious. It could take decades to root out these Russian spies after they are allowed to infiltrate our government.


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