President Trump Just Threatened To Invade & Go To War With Another Country

President Trump this Friday night lost it and barged into a question asked to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and said he would not rule out a “military option” in Venezuela, as the ruling regime in the country struggles to hold onto power.

“We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary,” Trump told reporters at his New Jersey golf club. Trump failed to specify what type of military option he is considering, “We don’t talk about it. But a military operation, a military option, is certainly something we could pursue.”

You can see the remarks in the clip below. Note how the camera pans away from Tillerson as Trump answers instead of him. Tillerson on Trump’s left, and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley on his right, both looked very anxious as Trump began speaking, as both have been desperately trying to walk back and clarify his insane, off the cuff remarks, such as this.

Reuters reports today that the Pentagon hasn’t given it any orders on Venezuela. The Trump administration has issued sanctions against Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro, accusing him of violating human rights and ruling as a dictator. Trump clearly has fallen in love with the attention he is getting from threatening war all week, hopefully it stays at just that.


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