President Trump Nearly Causes Macron To Fall With Aggressive Handshake

President Trump just forced an awkward and aggressive handshake with French President Macron, by refusing to let go of Macron for nearly 30 seconds. The entire thing was caught on camera, as we will see below.

As the pair walked forward during France’s street parade, President Macron took his left arm away from the back of President Trump’s back, to point at something off in the distance. In doing so, Macron took himself inherently off balance, which President Trump seized upon by aggressively pulling on Macron’s hand. President Macron, obviously being the younger and stronger man, was able to balance himself on one leg and counter Trump’s aggressive pull. You can clearly see this in the screenshots below, as well as the clip at the bottom of this post.

Not the position of Trump’s hand in the photo below, before he tugged on Macron. Macron’s leg clearly went up in the air as he forced onto one leg, because Trump pulled on him. Trump must have pulled on Macron with some force, in order to cause Macron’s leg to fly up.

Trump even went as far as not letting go of President Macron, as he said goodbye to French First Lady Brigitte Macron, resulting in the totally bizarre image below.

You can watch this entire handshake sequence in the video below.


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