President Trump Takes Jealously Of Former President Obama To New Pathetic Low

President Trump shared a poll this Thursday morning, that marks a new low in his endless attempts at libeling and slandering former President Obama, due to his extreme jealousy and pathetic insecurity. This is a new low because polls of the nature he shared, are the definition of worthlessness, as we shall see.

Trump retweeted a post by “ProgressPolls”, that asked people whether Trump or former President Obama is a better president of the U.S. The poll, which says it surveyed 25,589 respondents, yet took in over 28,000 votes, showed 61 percent chose Trump, compared with 39 percent who said Obama was a better president. These polls are completely open and can be voted on multiple times by the same person. You essentially could not find a more inaccurate form of polling if you tried.

This type of poll is just barely more realistic than having a graphic artist create a completely fake poll for you. You could safely call this a fake poll. This is pure desperation by any reasonable measure and marks a new low for Trump in his obvious jealously based obsession of Obama. Trump’s real poll numbers are so bad, that even Fox News no longer cites their own viewership polls on him.

To cement home how pathetic this was, take a look at some other polls by “ProgressPolls.” They have also asked their followers recently, about whether they think Russia is more dangerous than North Korea and about whether the wage gap for women is real. The answers show the heavy bias among the followers of “ProgressPolls.”

It’s absolutely ridiculous that Trump would push a poll from a complete garbage social media account like this, while also warning Americans not to trust other polls. He might as well release results of other polls stating that he’s a better swimmer than Michael Phelps, a better golfer than Dustin Johnson, a better writer than JK Rowling and a better superhero than Superman.


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