President Trump Tries to Do Something Nice For Once But The Universe Stops Him

President Trump finally tried to do something nice for someone other than himself or his own family, when boarding Marine One yesterday. The attempt failed miserably however, comically proving that Trump can’t do anything nice, even if he tries.

While boarding Marine One, President Trump attempted to recover a hat that had been blown off the head of a Marine standing at attention. Trump tried to put the hat back on the Marine’s head, but then it flew right off again. Trump then awkwardly grabbed the Marine with both hands for balance.

Trump went and retrieved the hat for a second time, but gave up on trying to put it back on the Marine’s head, and finished boarding Marine One. The Marine stood completely stoic during the entire encounter. You can watch the whole thing in the clip below.

Trump truly doesn’t do nice things in general, making this one failed attempt quite comical. For someone who claims to be worth billions, Trump gives way very little money. The Donald J. Trump Foundation only gave away $10.9 million from 2001 to 2014. $10 million is no small sum, but its peanuts next to other billionaire’s charitable contributions to society. Mark Cuban for example, worth a bit over $3.5 billion, has given away over $7 million out of his own pocket, just since 2012.


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