President Trump’s Alleged Mental Issue Captured On Camera Again At G20 Summit

President Trump has been repeatedly displaying a pattern of behavior consistent with a person suffering from a mental defect. Dementia does run in his family, and perhaps he accused Hillary Clinton of being sick during the election to deflect from his own issues.

Even though we are all forgetful sometimes, and it gets worse with age, President Trump’s slip ups recently have been fairly severe. Just last week, he completely wandered off while disembarking Air Force One, despite the fact that his limo was waiting right in front of him. Secret Service agents had to grab him and direct him back towards his limo.

Today at the G20 summit, President Trump had to be reminded to turn around by the British PM. All the other leaders sitting next to him turned around to take a photo, and only Trump couldn’t without a prompt. You can watch the clip in the video below. Was he daydreaming? Or is there something wrong with the President?


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