President Trump’s Threats Against North Korea Have Just Been Exposed As Empty Distractions

President Trump has been threatening North Korea with nuclear war and has put the entire world on edge. Despite speculation that Trump may not have the power to actually launch an attack on North Korea without Congress, Trump’s threats have been rightly taken seriously. A new report however from the The Associated Press, has just exposed Trump’s tough talk as what are essentially empty threats.

The AP reports that the United States and North Korea have been in communication using diplomatic back channels currently and for the past several months. Sources say that although these “quiet” behind the scenes talks aren’t doing too much to calm tensions between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, they admit that the harsh threats issued back and forth between each country make the situation seem more dire than it really is.

An example is that U.S. envoy to North Korea Joseph Yun and North Korean diplomat Pak Song Il, negotiated the release of imprisoned Ohio college student Otto Warmbier from North Korea. For two countries threatening to bomb each other, the real behind the scenes interaction isn’t nearly as bad.

This really explains why President Trump has been launching his insane rhetoric every day this week. He wants to distract from the fact that the FBI raided Paul Manafort’s home. Too bad though, because despite his insane threats, everyone knows about it and he was still forced to talk about it yesterday, where he appeared quite shook up. In fact, let’s see it again and enjoy;


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