Princess Gives Both Trumps Worst Snub They’ve Received Since Being in White House at Royal Reception

Donald Trump is in the United Kingdom for the 70th anniversary celebration for NATO and met with the Royal family at Buckingham Palace for a scheduled reception with Melania Trump. Trump has been snubbed before by prominent world figures, but this one is easily the worst.

In the past, Trump has been snubbed by being chosen second or last to be greeted, but in this case, Princess Anne completely refused to greet both Trumps, despite the fact that they were standing right near her and despite the fact that the Queen was beckoning her over to greet the Trumps. Never before have both Trumps been snubbed so badly by a prominent world figure. It’s actually not even close.

While the Trumps were greeting the Queen, Prince Charles, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, the Queen looked over at Princess Anne to give her a look of, “Come say hi.” Princess Anne just stared back at the Queen and did nothing. The Queen then made a gesture with her hand to call her the Princess over, but she instead responded by putting her hands up and shrugged.

You can see it all in the footage below. She was simply not interested in greeting Trump. You can even see Melania look over at her too, so Melania was aware that Princess Anne was not interested in greeting the Trumps. Whats crazy is that Prince Charles might have done something even worse to Trump, as we will explore after the footage below.

An even more suspect event happened as the Trumps entered Buckingham Palace. It appears as though Prince Charles gave Trump the finger right in his face. It’s hard to tell. He could have just been itching his nose, but the Prince is always aware that a meeting between Trump and the Royal family is going to be ruthlessly examined. He specifically chose to use that finger right in that moment? It’s up to you to decide, but the odds of it being an accident are low, especially in a situation where the Princess doesn’t even want to say hi.



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