PR’s Governor Attacks Trump Over Trump’s Plan To Steal From Puerto Ricans To Fund Wall

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello spoke out Friday against Donald Trump’s plan to?declare a national emergency and use the U.S. military to build a U.S.-Mexico border wall using disaster aid money.?Rossello made an incredibly strong point that destroys Trump’s plan and more Democrats need to spread his message.

Trump wants to use funding set aside by the Army Corps of Engineers for projects such as recovery from natural disasters in places like California and Puerto Rico, citing ?three U.S. officials familiar with the briefing.? If Trump goes through with his plan, he will be stealing money from Puerto Ricans who lost everything during the devastating Hurricanes that struck the island in 2017.

Rossello issued a bold statement to Donald Trump this morning, in which he strongly said that?there could be ?no justification? for Trump to use disaster aid money to fund the wall. After Trump refused to fully assist Puerto Rico in recovering from the 2017 hurricanes, you can completely understand why?Rossello is enraged over Trump using disaster aid money to build a wall.

“Mr. President, do not tear down American citizens to build a wall. Help rebuild the United States of America. That is the correct action. No wall should be funded on the pain and suffering of US citizens who have endured tragedy and loss through a natural disaster,? Rossello said, while also trying to warn Americans by saying, ?Today it?s us, tomorrow it could be you.?

Rossello then argued that Trump should be rebuilding destroyed areas like Puerto Rico before constructing a wall we don’t need, ?No justification should be considered to reclassify the money that U.S. citizens will use to rebuild their communities. If anything, the conversation should be how we get more resources to rebuild those impacted areas faster.”

Along with this statement,?Rossello even directly issued a message to Trump on social media and accused him of obstruction, “This is a classic case of choosing between obstruction and construction. Which side are you on @realDonaldTrump??

Trump will spend billions to construct a border wall that experts say will not solve the issues Trump is arguing we need it for. At the same time, he won’t spend money to assist people who had their live’s ruined in 2017 by hurricanes out of anyone’s control. Even worse, he is willing to use money that could rebuild Puerto Rico to instead build a useless wall.


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