Public Outrage After Trump’s ‘Spiritual Advisor’ Threatens Americans with Grave ‘Consequences’

One of the more outrageous aspects of Trump’s presidency is the fact that a man who bragged about grabbing women between their legs without consent claims to be a Christian. The evangelical community and the rest of the religious-right threw its weight behind Trump because he’s a cash cow. These so-called Christians are nothing more than con artists who prey on the weak-minded.

Trump’s “spiritual advisor,” Paula White, once sold “resurrection seeds” on sale for $1,144. She promised her followers that these seeds would grant them eternal life.

The shameless White just launched a new campaign titled “First Fruits” to pad her pockets. The message on her website reads:

“Each January, I put God first and honor Him with the first of our substance by sowing a first fruits offering of one month’s pay.”

“That is a big sacrifice, but it is a seed for the harvest I am believing for in the coming year. And God always provides! Every year many others join us and sow a month’s pay, a week’s pay, others give a day’s pay, but everyone gives their best- The results are miraculous!”

The woman is unblushingly using God’s name to steal a month’s pay from Americans.

White goes on to threaten anyone who doesn’t pledge a month’s pay, writing: “When you don’t honor it, whether through ignorance or direct disobedience there are consequences.”

And Trump wants to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which bans non-profit groups including churches from promoting or denouncing political candidates.

Trump and his “spiritual advisors” are an abomination.


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