Puerto Rican Officials React In Anger & Horror After Trump Reveals How He Will Fund Wall

The U.S. territory and island of Puerto Rico was so badly destroyed in 2017 from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, that it is still trying to recover today. That’s why?Puerto Ricans are stunned and outraged at Donald Trump’s plan to fund his border wall, after thousands of Puerto Ricans died and even more were displaced following the 2017 disasters.

This morning, Puerto Rico’s Governor?Ricardo Rossello? spoke out directly against Trump and said, “No wall should be financed by the pain and suffering of the citizens of the United States who have suffered tragedy and loss due to the passage of a natural disaster.”

Donald Trump has run out of options on funding his wall as it’s never going to happen through Congress. Trump owns the shutdown and House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi has proven to be way too smart for Trump to handle in any way.

That’s why it was leaked yesterday that?Trump is going to declare a national emergency for the precise purpose of taking money apportioned for disaster relief in Puerto Rico, Texas, California, Florida and other states affected by natural disasters and use it to pay for his wall.

Puerto Ricans and their representatives, who everyday are still struggling to rebuild their homes and way of life, are in shock that Trump would divert funds they so desperately need to build an unnecessary wall instead between Mexico and the U.S.?San Juan Mayor Carmen Yul?n Cruz responded to this disturbing news by saying, “Taking $ from disaster areas to pay for a wall is the egotistical response of a man who gets his way or brings everyone down.”

Puerto Rican Democratic Congresswoman from New York Nydia Vel?zquez said, “If @realDonaldTrump thinks he can take money from suffering American citizens in Puerto Rico and elsewhere to fund a hateful, useless wall, he’s got another thing coming. My full statement below.”

Strangely enough, despite these Puerto Rican officials sounding the alarm about this, the big mainstream media outlets are not pushing this as much on the news. We need to spread their message because there is no good defense against it that Trump and the right can come up with. If more Americans were aware that Trump wants to steal money intended for these Puerto Ricans, there would be even more outrage.


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