Putin Preparing To Drop Trump As Hard Evidence Of Collusion Surfaces

Thanks to Donald Trump Jr’s post to social media today, in which he provided hard evidence of the Trump campaign’s collusion with the Russian government to damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the gig appears to be up, and Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing to take action in response to this game changing information.

Press reports from Russia today have revealed that Putin is preparing to expel around 30 US diplomats and seize US assets, all as retribution for the punishments Obama gave Russia, in response to their meddling in the 2016 election.

Late last year, President Obama seized two Russian spy compounds, one in Maryland and the other on Long Island, saying they had been “used by Russian personnel for intelligence-related purposes”. This included the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats. Putin had been hoping to receive these compounds back during his meeting with Trump during the G20 summit, but obviously, that has not happened.

Putin did not retaliate against Obama’s seizure of these compounds, because he obviously had reason to believe that Trump would return them to him. With the hard evidence of collusion that was released today by Trump Jr himself, Putin is giving up on getting back his compounds.

Now that this hard evidence has leaked out, Putin may feel he needs to cut ties with Trump, for fairly obvious reasons. Putin clearly colluded with the Trump campaign and took his own actions to help Trump win specifically. He could have tried to aid any of the other GOP Presidential candidates. With President Trump’s Presidency hanging on by a thread, it would make strategic sense for Putin to drop Trump and assume he will be useless to Russia going forward.


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