Reason First Lady Melania Trump’s Campaign Against Cyberbullying Has Gone Nowhere Has Been Revealed

First lady Melania Trump promised to combat cyberbullying during the time she would be spending in the White House, but Americans have been left wondering why she has done nothing at all to carry out what could be something good from the Trumps, but today we got our answer as to why there has been no progress on this campaign.

Melania is reportedly “fully aware of the irony” about her campaign against cyberbullying, which exists because Donald Trump is objectively a bully. Not only is she aware, but she has privately acknowledged that her own husband is a big part of the problem.

As a result of Melania knowing that Donald’s behavior would have to be a part of her efforts to combat cyberbullying, The White House has been consistently pressuring her to drop the cyberbullying campaign completely. Yes, Melania has not pursued her cyberbullying campaign because she is being bullied by her own husband’s White House into not doing it. Unbelievable.

Although the White House has urged her to choose another issue to work on, Melania still feels cyberbullying is the “right” thing to do. “We have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other,” she reportedly said at a meeting with social media and tech executives at the White House in March.

Melania is never going to pursue this cyberbullying campaign because she will be bullied by Trump and his White House into not doing it, like what has been happening since it was announced. We can only hope that someday Melania can free herself from the horrible treatment she receives and get revenge by revealing all the other things she is being bullied into keeping secret.


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