Rep. Ted Lieu Destroys Mike Pompeo for Refusing to Answer Basic Coronavirus Question

Democratic Representative from California Ted Lieu tried to ask Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the Trump administration beginning to call Coronavirus a “Democrat hoax,” during a House hearing on Friday. The country is in such a sad state of affairs that we actually need to determine whether the administration thinks the biggest issue facing the nation is a “hoax.”

And get this, we still don’t know! Pompeo may indeed think Coronavirus is as much of a hoax as Donald Trump does. He refused to answer Lieu’s simple question, as we will discuss in a second, either because he agrees with his boss and thinks it’s a hoax, or he just wanted to be difficult with an elected Democratic Representative. Both scenarios are a real problem.

Representative Ted Lieu asked, ?Donald Trump?s chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, told the Conservative Political Action Conference that the Coronavirus was the hoax of the day. Do you agree with Donald Trump?s chief of staff Mulvaney that the coronavirus is the hoax of the day??

Pompeo answered and said, ?The State Department is doing everything it can to protect American citizens around the world-? Lieu then cut Pompeo off because Pompeo was deflecting on such a basic question. All Lieu needed was a yes or no. Lieu repeated, ?Do you believe coronavirus is a hoax of the day??

Pompeo replied, ?I?m not going to comment on what others are saying. I?m just telling you what the Secretary of State is doing.? Lieu responded, ?It?s not even a gotcha question. Do you believe the coronavirus is a hoax?? Pompeo replied, ?It is a gotcha moment. It?s not useful.?

Pompeo kept refusing to answer so Lieu concluded, ?You can only given two hours to this bipartisan group of members of Congress, and instead of answering questions on life-and-death issues, from a bipartisan group of Americas representatives, you going to go talk to a special interest group. You represent all Americans, not a special interest group, and it is shameful you get even answer basic questions. I yield back.?

Like Lieu said, it was not even a gotcha question. It’s not our fault that Donald Trump himself and people in his administration are calling Coronavirus a hoax! If Pompeo can’t answer basic questions he needs to get out of the White House. This administration does not get to call this deadly virus a hoax and then not answer for that. Lieu was justified calling Pompeo shameful.


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