Rep. Ted Lieu Says Trump Admin Doing ‘good’ Job Of Pushing Dems To IMPEACH After Barr’s No Show Today

Representative Ted Lieu revealed after Barr’s no show in front of the House today that impeachment is absolutely still on the table and the caucus is both still considering and discussing it. Lieu said that he is willing to use all available legal powers to hold Barr and Trump accountable if they need to start handing out contempt charges.

“If the Trump administration wants impeachment, they are doing a good job of pushing the Democrats there,” Lieu said, in the footage below, that you should definitely check out.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler responded to Trump’s Attorney General Barr refusing to appear before the House today both professionally and carefully because this situation is delicate and dangerous. Nadler said today that Attorney General William Barr “has failed” the Justice Department “by placing the needs of the president over the fair administration of justice.”

Nadler told reporters that Democrats would make “one more good faith attempt to negotiate” with the Justice Department before issuing a subpoena to gain access to the full Mueller report. Nadler and House Democrats are done playing Barr and Trump’s game and are willing to hold Barr in contempt of court over this.


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