Reporter Completely Destroys GOP Pond Scum Mitch McConnell Over Coronavirus Relief Bill

Senate Scammer Mitch McConnell was caught unable to respond today after a brave news reporter called him out directly for being the shady scammer he is over the crafting of what is in fact the largest bill that will ever be passed in U.S. history.

House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democrats, including leader Chuck Schumer, did not fight the GOP on this bill for no reason. McConnell and the rest of the GOP scammers in Congress were trying to silently get taxpayer money to their friends right under our noses.

Speaker Pelosi did what she could and at least got unemployment benefits increased by $600 per week, but make no mistake, McConnell tried to pull a fast one with this bill. That’s why he was left nearly speechless after a reporter directly called him out today during a press conference.

“Understanding that of course this is a crisis and time is of the essence, this vote began and the public had not yet seen the bill,” the reporter opened. “Lobbyists had seen the bill and none of the debate had been held in public, there is virtually no public debate on what looks to be the largest bill in American history. Can you explain why that was and should the public have had more time to understand what this bill is that is meant to help them?”

What a truly beautiful question. It can be summed up as asking McConnell, why were the American people excluded from a $2 trillion bill? Pond scum McConnell, caught dead to rights here, could only respond with, “Do you work here?” Um, excuse me Mitch!? He got rude with her for precisely one reason; she had just exposed the scam. He was basically asking if she “works here,” because only someone who doesn’t know that you aren’t supposed to call out the scams like this would ask a question like she did.

She tried to answer “Yes sir,” before McConnell interrupted, “Yeah, we’re the elected representatives of the American people.” See why we call him pond scum? How could he say that? Yes, Congress is elected and accountable to the people, so the people should have been involved with the creation of the biggest bill in history, that’s why she was asking the question. You can see this nasty exchange in the footage below.


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