Republican Missouri Governor Admits to Committing Unspeakable Acts with His Mistress

2017 was a rough year for the GOP due to the many sexual misconduct scandals and overall hypocritical actions of the “family values” party. Republicans are already proving that 2018 could be just as messy.

Republican Missouri Governor Eric Greitens just landed himself in hot water over an extramarital affair that comes packed with atrocities.

Local St. Louis TV station KMOV first reported that Gov. Greitens admitted to his affair. A recording allegedly contains audio footage of his mistress accusing Greitens of blackmailing her with nude photos to keep the encounter under wraps.

The woman’s ex-husband submitted evidence of the March 2015 affair. The husband reportedly recorded the audio of his now ex-wife admitting to her actions less than a week after she met with Gov. Greitens.

The hypocritical governor campaigned on family values. He stated during his campaign: “I’m Eric Greitens, I’m a Navy SEAL, native Missourian and most importantly, a proud husband and father.”

Greitens’ attorney denied the blackmail charge, accusing the St. Louis news station of failing to provide the tape before hitting the publish button. The attorney said, “There was no blackmail and that claim is false.”

Check out the lawyer’s full statement below:

Greitens’ current wife, Sheena, is standing by her husband. She requested “the media and those who wish to peddle gossip to stay away from me and my children.”

The question now is will Greitens survive the blackmail charge?


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