Rex Tillerson Gives Farewell Speech & Disrespects Trump For Firing Him

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gave a surprise press conference this afternoon, mere hours after Trump announced his firing on Twitter. He took a lot of time to thank a multitude of his colleagues, but made sure to leave out the one who hired him.

Tillerson praised State Department officials and Department of Defense staff for their work during his tenure, thanked military members for their service, and even the American people for their “acts of kindness toward one another, to honesty and the quiet hard work that you do everyday to support this government with your tax dollars.”

He thanked all these people, but purposefully left out Trump. “All of us we know want to leave this place as a better place for the next generation. I’ll now return to private life as a private citizen, as a proud American , proud of the opportunity I’ve had to serve my country,” Tillerson said. You can watch the press conference in the footage below.


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