Russia Just Leaked Footage Of Donald Trump In A Meeting With Russian Officials In 90s

For some reason, a Russian YouTube channel has released footage of Donald Trump meeting with Russian officials around the year 1995 specifically to discuss a?building project. The “former mayor of?Moscow” has confirmed the authenticity of the footage after was it was “discovered” by someone who went through the Russian State TV archives.

Trump’s visit to Moscow in the 1990s has been previously reported, but it was not clear that he had a sit down of the nature shown in the footage below. The footage completely refutes Trump’s constant assertions that he has had zero dealings in Russia.??I know nothing about Russia,? Trump said for example, during his second presidential debate against?Hillary Clinton.

?Trump was in Moscow,? Yury Luzhkov, the mayor of Moscow from 1992 through 2010 confirmed in response to the leak of this footage. ?He had contacts?on matters related to the construction of the Okhotny Ryad underground mall on Manezh Square.?

In November 1996, Howard Lorber and Ben LeBow, who can be seen in the footage above, brought Trump to Moscow?and arranged discussions about a joint venture between their Liggett-Ducat tobacco factory, Trump Organization and the city of Moscow with the Moscow authorities, namely Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov?s office. Luzhkov was known for his corrupt practices.

This footage shows more evidence that Trump has been wanting to build a tower in Russia for over 25 years. He already wanted this project and could not get any loans leading up to his run for president.?This not only proves he lied about his dealings with Russia multiple times and in multiple ways, but it now shows the Russians most likely have a quite a large amount of damaging information on Trump. This leak could be a way to keep him in line.


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