Schiff Proves Trump Knows He Messed Up Coronavirus Response & Announces New Investigation

House Representative Adam Schiff masterfully countered and destroyed Donald Trump and the GOP’s current favorite talking point about Coronavirus yesterday. At some point recently, you have probably heard the argument that Trump was distracted by impeachment and that impacted his ability to respond to the Coronavirus crisis.

This idea is being used by the GOP and Trumpers to attack Democrats, which is why Representative Schiff was asked about it yesterday on MSNBC’s “The Last Word.” Lawrence O’Donnell asked, “Mitch McConnell said that he believes that the impeachment trial in the Senate slowed down the federal government’s response to the pandemic. What’s your response to that?”

Schiff said, “Yeah, the president said something similar, which, you know, was an interesting acknowledgment that the administration screwed up this response. The facts are quite clear that the president’s weeks long, maybe months-long delay in taking this seriously has had catastrophic consequences that we are only now beginning to see the scope of.”

He added, “They should stop making excuses. The president found plenty of time even during the impeachment trial and the period after to play golf, go on vacation at Mar-a-Lago, to do campaign rallies. He wasn’t distracted from doing the things he loves to do, but the bigger problem is after the trial was over, the president continued for weeks and weeks to say this is no problem. He’s got it under control. He’s got it contained, and this isn’t going to have a big impact on the country. Of course, he was ignoring the advice of the health experts, the epidemiologists, the CDC, his own people with catastrophic consequences.”

This is masterful! Trump and the GOP are only bringing up his impeachment because they need an excuse as to why the government’s response to this virus was delayed. Trump downplayed this virus from the start and now that he’s seeing how bad it is, he knows he needs cover to explain his actions.

Trump and the GOP will be rushing to get their story straight because Representative Schiff also announced yesterday that he is drafting a bill to create a commission on the government’s response to Coronavirus. Call it what you want, but this will definitely be an investigation into the Trump administration and how Donald reacted to Coronavirus.


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