Schumer Responds After McConnell Moves to Exclude Democrats on Impeachment Trial Rules

With truth and morality on his side, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer continued his battle with GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell today over rules for Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial. Leader Schumer was forced to take action today after it was revealed that McConnell is planning to completely exclude Senate Democrats from the trial rule making process.

McConnell is planning on essentially copying the trial rules from former President Bill Clinton?s impeachment trial, which would ignore Leader Chuck Schumer?s calls for witnesses and new evidence. If McConnell gets his way, Trump’s trial would start without a guarantee of anyone being able to introduce new evidence and subpoena witnesses until halfway through the trial.

Leader Schumer responded to this clear cover up for Trump that McConnell is trying to carry out by revealing that Democrats will force votes on witnesses at the start of the impeachment trial. “Make no mistake, on the question of witnesses and documents, Republicans may run but they can’t hide. There will be votes at the beginning on whether to call the four witnesses?we’ve proposed and subpoena the documents?we’ve identified,” Schumer said.


Schumer re-framed the situation as being better for Democrats because all eyes will be on the Senate impeachment trial, “If every Republican senator votes for a rigged trial that hides the truth, the American people will see that the Republican Senate is part of a large and awful cover-up,” Schumer said.

This is the best counter attack Schumer could do under the circumstances. Now while the entire world tunes in to watch the start of Trump’s trial, Schumer will force a vote on witnesses, which will force GOP Senators to go on record covering up evidence from the trial. In the wake of Bolton agreeing to be a new witness to testify, the optics of voting against new witnesses can be weaponized against these GOP Senators.

It looks like McConnell will be able to block Democrats from taking part in crafting the impeachment trial rules because “swing voters” and GOP slime Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, have decided to support McConnell’s rules that will block witnesses until well into the trial.

Unfortunately these shifty GOP Senators who like to pretend they are impartial, are not. When it comes down to it, they always vote for their party, so people like Collins and Murkowski should no longer be referred to as swing voters and no one should listen to them when they pretend like they are going to do the right thing.


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