Senate Democrats Just Released Manafort’s Trump Tower Meeting Notes & They Seem To Confirm The Entire Steele Dossier

The Senate Judiciary Committee released transcripts and evidence this morning from its Russian interference investigation, mainly pertaining to the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians during the campaign. Included in the Senate’s release were the notes that Paul Manafort took during the meeting, which might make your heart drop when you see what they say.

The notes were very short and cryptic, until you put them together with the Steele Dossier, which we will do below. They read, “Bill browder, Offshore – Cyprus, 133m shares, Companies, Not invest – loan, Value in Cyprus as inter, Illici, Active sponsors of RNC, Browder hired Joanna Glover, Tied into Cheney, Russian adoption by American families.”

Here is where it gets interesting. The Steele Dossier claimed that in exchange for the easing of sanctions, Russians would provide Trump and his team with a stake in Russian oil giant Rosneft. Manafort’s notes say “133m shares.” Shares of what? Keep in mind that we still don’t know who Russia sold a large stake of Rosneft to (source). “133m” could be Manafort’s portion of shares from this deal to lift sanctions.

Paying off Trump and his team for lifting the sanctions would be no big deal because of how much money could be made with the sanctions lifted. The “Not invest – loan” part of Manafort’s notes is also a big giveaway. Investing in Rosneft would be too obvious and easy to track, so instead Trump and his team could receive a “loan” for the equivalent amount of what the investment would be worth, and they simply wouldn’t need to pay it back.

These notes are a true bombshell and even though they are short, they say a lot. The Trump campaign really is going to go down over their collusion. All special counsel Mueller has to do is find the money that was certainly send to the Trump camp in the most secretive ways possible, hence the “Offshore – Cyprus” part of Manafort’s notes. You can even see the lies in action as well, as the last part of Manafort’s notes says “Russian adoption by American families,” which is an obvious giveaway that they discussed that last and that was not the purpose of their meeting.


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