Senate Judiciary Democrats Finally Release Findings From Their Russia Investigation & Confirm Collusion & A Cover Up By The Trump Campaign

The Senate Judiciary Committee released transcripts this morning from its Russian interference investigation that include the interviews with participants of the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians during the campaign.

Included in the transcripts is the interview of Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., who accepted the meeting because a Russian government lawyer and spy offered him political dirt on Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr. said that he “didn’t recall” 103 times during his testimony in front of the Committee. You can read the 200+ page report here and see the highlights below.

Senators Dianne Feinstein, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and others, released the following statement about their preliminary findings about the Trump campaign’s efforts to obtain damaging information on Hillary Clinton during the Trump Tower meeting.

“In its investigation so far, the Committee has found evidence of multiple contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian government officials or their intermediaries, including offers of assistance and purported overtures from Vladimir Putin.” their statements reads.

“The June meeting is one piece of a much larger puzzle and confirms that the Trump campaign was willing to accept Russia’s assistance. Their efforts to conceal the meeting and its true purpose are consistent with a larger pattern of false statements about the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia.” their statement continued.

Based off their statement, it seems Democrats in the Senate know much more than they have released here, but are holding back information intentionally. This could be by choice or by order of special counsel Mueller, who does not want his probe into this very same activity jeopardized. This transcript release is probably Senate Democrats sending a message that we should be patient and that there is a mountain of evidence of the Trump campaign’s team’s crimes.


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