Sessions Forced To Admit Under Oath That Trump’s Calls To Investigate “Dems” & H. Clinton Are Not Factually Based

During a line of questioning today from Rep. Jim Jordan, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was forced to push back on requests for a second special counsel to investigate former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, as he answered questions for the first time  before the House Judiciary Committee.

It would take “a factual basis that meets the standard of a special counsel” for the Justice Department to make such an appointment, Sessions said. Not only does this confirm that calls to investigate Hillary Clinton are based on pure conspiracy, it also significantly strengthens the legitimacy of special counsel Robert Mueller, because according to Sessions, Mueller would not have been appointed unless there was a “factual basis” to do so.

“We will use the proper standards and that’s the only thing I can tell you, Mr. Jordan,” Sessions said, “You can have your idea but sometimes we have to study what the facts are and to evaluate whether it meets the standards it requires.” You can see it all in the footage below.

Trump and members of the GOP have been trying to counter special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation with one of their own, but they have not been able to get one started. They keep trying to call on Sessions to investigate Hillary Clinton, but since Sessions was under oath today, he had no choice but to admit that their calls to investigate Clinton are not based on enough fact to start one.

Most of his hearing though, can be summed up in the photo below.


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