Sources Close To Trump Reveal How He Is Reacting To Criminal Investigation Into Cohen

New leaked gossip from people “close” to Donald Trump reveal that he is quite literally panicking in the White House, as he attempts to deal with the fact that his longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen is under criminal investigation.

And it’s not just Trump who is in panic mode, it is also his closest allies, who are also panicking and worried because Trump has been “visibly fuming” about the FBI’s raid on Cohen. The reason is because Cohen reportedly has a long history of covering things up for Trump and now it could all come out.

“The guys that know Trump best are the most worried. People are very, very worried. Because it’s Michael [effing] Cohen. Who knows what he’s done?,” a former Trump campaign official told Axios. “I’ll tell you who’s worried. The principal[Trump].”

“People at the Trump Organization don’t even really know everything he does,” the source said. “It’s all side deals and off-the-books stuff. Trump doesn’t even fully know; he knows some but not everything.” A second source corroborated the first and said that “POTUS’ worries about Cohen are reflected in his dark moods.”

In today’s digital age, secrets are simply not easy to keep. Just think of all the leaks we’ve gotten from Mueller’s investigation, which has been an overall tightly wound operation. FBI investigators will comb through everything they seized from Cohen and odds are high that at least something about Trump is going to leak out. At this point, only Trump knows exactly what that is, and it is enough to have him panicking as he been, as reported by people close to him, so it has to be terrible.



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