Speaker Nancy Pelosi Fully Explains Why She Ripped Up Trump’s State of the Union Speech

Democratic House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi found a beautiful way last night to give Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech the treatment it deserved, by ripping it into pieces right behind Trump’s back after he finished his speech.

If you somehow have not yet seen the footage of Speaker Pelosi literally destroying the speech, you can view it below. Right after she ripped up the speech, Pelosi told reporters that it was the “courteous” thing to do instead of the “alternatives.” Leaked information from House Democrats’ closed-door caucus meeting this Wednesday morning, more fully explains exactly why Pelosi ripped up the speech.

During the closed-door caucus meeting, Speaker Pelosi has been reported as saying, ?He shredded the truth so I shredded his speech.? She referred to the speech once again as,? ?a manifesto of mistruths,” and reports say that Democrats in attendance gave her a huge round of applause. ?You are supposed to talk about the State of the Union,? Pelosi continued, ?not the State of your alleged mind.?

Republicans are pretending to be outraged and upset over Speaker Pelosi shredding their impeached orange’s speech, but we know it’s fake. Trump could barely even speak during the speech, as seen in the footage below. And he also didn’t even write the speech anyway.


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